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Salty Paws Animal Hospital
Welcome to Flagler Integrative Veterinary Care. We are proud to offer Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) and Rehabilitation therapy for dogs and cats in Flagler Beach and the surrounding area. We work with your pet’s regular veterinarian to provide the best comprehensive care available! Our goal continues to be to provide services that can speed healing, alleviate pain, and help maintain the best possible quality of life through modalities not typically offered through a Western veterinary practice.

We see patients with mobility challenges (orthopedic and neurologic), cancer, skin problems, and a wide array of internal medicine conditions. We can help when your pet is not a candidate for Western care, to enhance the treatments already being provided, or to help mitigate side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

For those within close driving distance, we offer in-home evaluations and treatments. For those outside of our mobile area, we can see you in-clinic at the Salty Paws/FIVC facility at 208 N 2nd Street in Flagler Beach.

Please give us a call, send us a text message, or email us if you have questions or need assistance!